Meditation Music & Healing Sounds


Tuesday 16th FEBRUARY 2021 - 7pm EST - in Cairns

Gongs and Tibetan Singing Bowls @ Yorkeys Knob

Bookings Essential. Limited numbers. 

Sound is a natural healer. Frequency the foundation of our existence. When we are healthy and happy we are vibrating in harmony. When we are unwell we experience disharmony which manifests physically, emotionally and spiritually as a feeling like being out of tune. Tune up and Tune In!  

Through music and sacred sounds, principles like entrainment and resonance we can return to the natural state of harmony. 


Celebrating the 2021! 

This year I look forward to deepening my journey with the flute and sharing it with you, through meditations, classes and live music. I look forward to deepening my journey with the Medicine Drum and also sharing that with you. Actually, I feel inspired to share so much of what I know about Sound Healing with you and am currently building an Intensive Sound Healing Workshop for 2021. The intention is to pass on all that I have learnt in many areas of Sound Healing as well as for you to experience the transformation that is possible through Sound. To ensure that those working with sound have a sound understanding of what they're doing for themselves and the community. 

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