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Sacred Healing Instruments

"Lord, make me an instrument of your Peace."


- St. Francis of Assissi

This amazing collection of sacred healing instruments I have collected over a span of twenty five years. 

I can't remember how they all came to me but I cherish them all like a big family. 

One of the first instruments in my care was a Tibetan Singing Bowl. I still have it and it's one of my favorites with a rich smooth tone. I call it my Mother Earth bowl. Over the years I have collected many more Tibetan Bowls and currently have 33 Tibetan Singing Bowls. I also worked for a few years in a Fair trade shop in Cairns, Himalayan Dreams, which sold many Tibetan bowls and Gongs and enabled me to grow my collection. I am grateful. 

The Harmonic Whirles created by Sarah Hopkins was another of the first instruments I owned. I have the whole chakra series which is 14 pipes and I love to swing them around across mountain tops, and they are such a fun instrument to share with groups and so easy to play. 

I believe the Medicine Drum, Rattles and Rainsticks were next in my collection and I was lucky enough to make my own Medicine Drum with the guidance of a Lakota tradition with Pejuta and Shamani. My Medicine Drum has the power of healing old wounds and is a constant companion by my side. 

The Crystal Bowls came into my life with the first one gifted to me as a surprise. I'll never forget when I first met a clear quartz crystal singing bowl, and coming home to tell my partner. Well he went straight out and bought it for me and left it as a surprise on my kitchen table! I've been lucky enough to keep adding to the crystal bowl collection with the latest Chakra Series, taking my Crystal Bowls to14. The Crystal Lyre was also gifted to me in the form of a barter agreement. In reflection a lot of these instruments have been gifted to me. What a blessing. I always felt Great Spirit has been gifting me these instruments because I share their beauty, their frequencies with loving intention for healing and upliftment of humanity. 

The Gongs were introduced to me by a travelling Sound Healer who taught me about the Gongs and I miraculously manifested my first Paiste Moon Gong. Love to share that story, so many stories...perhaps I will start a blog....My mother gifting me the Sound Creation Earth Gong, and I'm also the current earth keeper of an Atlantis Gong, Nepalese Gong and Chinese Wind Gong. 

The last instrument gifted to me was a small bamboo flute that has inspired me to journey into the heart of the Native American style flute, and it continues to reward me everyday. The flute has become my favourite instrument as has helped me heal my grieving heart. And another instrument which seems to develop into an entire family! So many keys! 

Along the way I have gathered many other sound healing instruments including the Mayan 13 Tones of Creation Energy Chimes, Wah Wah Pipe, Ocean Drum, Thundercup, Oriental Chimes, and more..... 

My sonic tool kit ready to bring a huge range of healing frequencies to you. 

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