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Group Sound Meditations

***Crystal Bowl and Crystal Lyre Guided Chakra Meditations

These 7 clear quartz Crystal Singing Bowls and the Crystal Harp or Lyre resonate through the chakras and restore harmony. 

***Gongs and Tibetan Singing Bowl Meditations 

The Gongs are potent and powerful and this meditation is purifying. Featuring Paiste Moon Gong, Sound Creation Earth Gong, Chinese Wind Gong, Nepalese Tara Gong and a range of over 30 Tibetan Singing Bowls


***Sacred Sound Meditation


A variety of all Renee's instruments come along to this session including some she doesn't get to play in the other sessions, like the Native American Medicine Drum and Harmonic Whirlies. Gerard often joins in her with his Didgeridoo in these sessions. 

Overnight Gong Baths 

If you love the palpable, potent vibrations of the Gongs, you'll love this night of 6 x 45 minute sessions. The big Atlantis Gong is included in this special event, along with all the other Gongs and Tibetan Singing Bowls. A sacred healing experience. 

Personal 3 hour Gong Baths 

A special healing experience with a lover, friend or family. Take yourself on a deep healing journey as you travel on the sound waves of Paiste Gongs and Tibetan Singing Bowls. 

Meditation marathon 3 hours continues play $300. 

Personal Sound Healing Sessions

A unique healing experience as Renee intuitively plays a variety of instruments around you, over you and on you. Cleansing the aura with rattles and rainsticks, clearing blockages with her Medicine Drum, fine tuning your energy with Crystal Bowls and Crystal Lyre, connecting power points with Mayan Chimes, and finishing off with a Gong blast and the soothing tones of the Tibetan Bowls on you. Renee is also a Reiki Master. 

Sessions are $80/ 1.15 hour in Mareeba 

FNQ Oriental Healing Centre

Bring a friend and have a session together Only $130 / 1 hour 

Husband and Wives, Mothers and Daughters, .... you get the picture.


Sessions at your home? Sessions $180. 

Book me for your event/retreat

Having a sound angel at your event/retreat adds that special touch. Renee is able to provide her specialty group sound meditations, provide personal sessions for all your guests, and/or Sound Healing presentations and workshops. 

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