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Made in Nepal.

16cm diameter

Resonates to the note of F


This is a solid bowl with stencilled artwork on both the inside and outside of the bowl of the Buddhist 8 auspicious symbols, holding teachings about 8 qualities of an enlighened one.

This bowl has a very strong sound that can assist even the most closed hearts to blossom open like a rose.

It can be used in both personal and group sessions and can be played on the body.

Enlightened Heart

  • Comes with a wooden mallet, half suede. 

    The Buddhist 8 symbols of happiness

    • The Endless Knot.
    • The Treasure Vase.
    • The Lotus Flower.
    • Two Golden Fish.
    • The Parasol.
    • The Conch Shell.
    • The Dharma Wheel.
    • The Banner of Victory.
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