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Qigong and Tai Chi

For Health and Harmony

Qigong is an ancient healing art that cultivates and works with (Gong) the life force energy, known as Qi, but also called many names such as Ki and Prana. Qigong is characterised by slow, smooth, consistent movements that not only help you to slow down physically but also help the mind to slow down and become more present. It brings your awareness into your body as it works all the joints, the organs, and the meridian system. The harmony of the body, breath and awareness brings a peacefulness to the heart, clarity to the mind, and upliftment of the spirit. It is a pearl of Traditional Chinese Medicine and as Doctor Oz says, 

"If you want to live to 100 do Qigong." 

My Story


My journey with Tai Chi & Qigong began 25 years ago when I began learning this ancient art form  living on Mt. Tamborine. I came to Cairns in 1999 and did not find a class here so I ventured into a more yang form of martial arts - Shitoryu Karate, which I trained in until 2020. And in 2015 I had begun to also train in the Korean Martial Art of Tang Soo Do.

My official Qigong training with Master Simon Blow began in 2015 and continues today.

I have also studied with Dr. Paul Lam - Qigong & Tai Chi for Arthritis in 2021 and

I have done online courses with Master Robert Peng and Master Daisy Lee. 

Level 4 Qigong Teacher Certificate - Master Simon Blow Qigong

1st Dan - SMAC Tang Soo Do

1st Dan - Fudoshin Shitoryu Karate

Weekly Classes

Casual $15 / 5 Class Pass $60

In Cairns and Mareeba

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