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Personal Sound Healing Session

For Renee.


Sound Angel – Renee Cashman


Harmony Day seemed like the perfect time for a Personal Sound Healing session with Sound Angel Renee.  Having been a regular a few years ago at her monthly group Sound Mediations, I thought I knew what to expect.  It was so much more. I had a beautifully sublime and highly personalised experience that left me buzzing afterwards throughout my mind, body and soul.  I’m not sure where our hour together went as it felt absolutely timeless.


Renee has the amazing ability to transform any space she works in into a divine sanctuary that welcomes and holds you.  I climbed aboard her comfy massage table full of excitement for an unknown journey of sound.  The table was surrounded by the most beautiful array of magic instruments including flutes, rattles, crystal and Tibetan bowls and gongs.  Renee is so skilled at weaving the beautiful natural vibrational and percussive sounds into a harmony that transports and transforms.  Even my body became an instrument at one stage. 


Early on I had a very powerful sensation of a beautiful snake moving up near my arm and nestling against me gently reminding me of the power of rebirth and the importance of shedding our old skins.  At one point I felt myself levitate slightly above the table and my conscious mind chuckled at the thought that Renee might wonder where I was going.


This wonderful session will stay with me for a while to come. Even driving home the sounds of traffic triggered lovely memories of some of the harmonics Renee played for me.  Alchemy indeed.  Thank-you Renee.



Review by Lacuna Reflects.  Lacuna is an independent reviewer experienced in a wide range of healing modalities, both as a client and a practitioner.  She is currently healing from breast cancer.

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