Meditation Music & Healing Sounds


Sunday 4th OCTOBER-2020 - 10am EST - in Mareeba

Crystal Chakra Singing Bowl Meditation 

Bookings Essential. Limited numbers. 

Sound is a natural healer. Frequency the foundation of our existence. When we are healthy and happy we are vibrating in harmony. When we experience disharmony we become unwell which manifests physically, emotionally and spiritually. Through resonance we can return to the natural state of harmony. 


Celebrating the Flute! 

I"m very excited to be an Australian Distributor of High Spirit Flutes and have a lovely display for people to try and buy.

It's been wonderful to see so many people picking up this magical instrument and taking it home to delight their hearts and souls. 

The Flute Circles are going well with many beginners coming along and learning with the support of the group. I'm honoured to guide and teach and support others on their journey with the flute and the connection with their breath and their heart. 

More details can be found on the Calendar page. 

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