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Meditation Music & Healing Sounds


CAIRNS Sat 01-02-2020 -6pm - 10pm

Gongalicious Meditation Marathon  $50

@ Yorkeys Knob Community Hall, Wattle St. 


Sound is a natural healer. Frequency the foundation of our existence. When we are healthy and happy we are vibrating in harmony. When we experience disharmony we become unwell which manifests physically, emotionally and spiritually. Through resonance we can return to the natural state of harmony. 


PEACE album released! 

I feel like I've pushed through the soil and sprouted into the sunshine! The making of the PEACE Cd was a deep heartfelt process and it's helped me shift through another layer of grief. No matter how many times one may fall, just keep getting up, reach up, keep growing towards the light.PEACE was created in dedication to Paul Peace.