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Meditation Music & Healing Sounds

LAUNCHING my Childrens Book
Koko and the Magical Flute
- Overcoming Grief -



Sound is a natural healer. Frequency the foundation of our existence. When we are healthy and happy we are vibrating in harmony. When we are unwell we experience disharmony which manifests physically, emotionally and spiritually as a feeling like being out of tune. Tune up and Tune In!  

Through music and sacred sounds, principles like entrainment and resonance we can return to the natural state of harmony. 

The Native American style flute is so easy to learn to play and it's never too late to start learning! You don't need to be able to read music and you can even borrow a flute and try. 

The Native American Flute style connects and improves your breath, the long sustaining tones opening hearts and calming minds. All welcome to join and enjoy the music of the Native American style flutes. 

Flute Circles are held on the 3rd Saturday of each month

at FNQ Oriental Healing Centre, Mareeba. Sessions are $25

Native American Flutes in a circle
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