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Koko and the Magical Flute

Koko is a young boy who is gifted a magical flute from his best friend the wise Woodpecker and he discovers the power of music to transform feelings. Each story focuses on a different value and moral. 

These stories are inspired from the healing Renee experienced as a result of playing her Native American flute and her resonance with the Native American culture. Bouts of insomnia had Renee rising at 4am and as she sat in the stillness of the dark morning, drinking tea, she wrote these stories that children and adults alike may also connect with the power of sound. A special feature of these books is that they are accompanied with a song, written by Renee, and featured both written musically in the book and played by her as part of the audio book.

Fun features: The Woodpecker is on every spread, can you find him?

For children 3yrs - 10 yrs



Overcoming Grief

This story deals with feelings of sadness and loss, as Koko has lost his brother. It highlights the gift of our memories and the power of music to transform our feelings of grief into gratitude. 


Planting Seeds of Kindness

This story deals with bullying as the Woodpecker finds himself being picked on by one of the boys in the village. It highlights the power of kindness and the power of music to transform our feelings of jealousy into kindness. 



Growing Acceptance

This story deals with judgements that are made when new people come to the market. It highlights the importance of diversity and the gifts that it brings. And the power of music to transform exclusion into inclusion. 

Released 2024


Blossoming Honesty

Released 2025



Harvest of Harmony

Released 2025

About the Author

Renee Cashman 

Renee grew up with her nose in a book, always reading fantasy books full of magic and inspiration. And as an adult Renee has grown into an inspiring community leader, entrepreneur and multi-talented woman.

Renee has been the Editor of Connect Magazine North Queensland since 2004 publishing over 170 editions. She also enjoys her work as a Tai Chi & Qigong Instructor, Sound Healer, and Community Event Organiser.


About the Illustrator

Jaye Harris

Jaye Lea Harris is an artist of more than sixteen years, located in beautiful Far North Queensland. Art has been a never ending self inquiry for Jaye and the biggest tool for awareness, healing, learning and transformation.


Jaye has a clear ‘why’ behind her artwork as it has such a wonderful way of connecting to parts of us we didn’t know existed, each with a message to share and to open as many hearts to the colourful and creative ways of the world.


About the Narrator

Bobby Runningfox

Bobby Runningfox is a Cherokee Medicine Man that shares the traditions and healing of his nation to guide people back to peace and harmony. 

His smooth and rich Grandfather voice makes you feel like you are sitting by a fire listening to the stories as they were told in ages gone by. 

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