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Sacred Sonic Tools

All instruments have healing potential because all are creating frequencies and vibrations that our body and spirit can access to restore harmony. 

Over the years I have collected many instruments, a diverse collection from around the world including some unique healing instruments. It's important to respect and honour your instruments, I consider them like a friend, and to play with healing intentions.

Below is a brief introduction to some of the more familiar sound healing instruments. 


Native American Medicine Drum

The beat of the drum connects and grounds us to our mother Earth. The drum has many ways to be used for healing both personally and in groups. Rhythm is part of the natural harmony, and the drum is a wonderful and easy tool to connect with your innate rhythms. 


Native American style Flute

The Native American style flute has an amazing ability to connect with our heart whether playing or listening. The long tones invite releasing and relaxation. Playing the flute connects with your breath and the heavenly realms, allowing your heart to be expressed. 


Rattles and Rainsticks

Rattles and Rainsticks are small but mighty. Primarily a rhythm instrument they can be used similarly to a drum however carry a different medicine. 

Rainstick and Rattles are also powerful instruments for clearing and cleansing. 


Crystal Singing Bowls

Crystal bowls allow a wonderful combination of the healing power of crystals combined with frequency and intention.  They can be played by rimming long tones or tapping for bell like sounds.


Tibetan Singing Bowls

Tibetan Singing bowls are made from a mix of metals, traditionally 7 metals representing the 7 energy streams. I love the symbology of the bowls having been through the fire, to be melted, moulded and beaten into shape and the result a beautiful sound is created. 



The sound of the Tingshaws summons your awareness to the present moment and is often used at the beginning or end of a meditation for this reason. Although they seem like a simple instrument there is much depth to their uses for sound healing and meditation.  



Gongs are very special and powerful healing instruments and the one that I consider to be the supreme Sound Healing instrument. There are many different types of Gongs - Symphonic Gongs, Wind Gongs, Nipple Gongs and more. 


Tuning Forks

Tuning Forks grant access to a wide range of specific frequencies that can be played in the field or on the body. 

One of the features I love about Tuning Forks is the ease at which one can carry them with you and have easy access to vibrational medicine. 


Mayan 13 Tones of Creation 

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