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Koko is a young boy who was gifted a magical flute from his friend, Woodpecker. Koko loves playing his flute and discovers the power of music to transform feelings. This story highlights the value of kindness. Koko’s best friend, Wookpecker, is being bullied by Taro and the flute song helps Taro open his heart and transform bullying into kindness. For ages 3-8 and the young at heart. 


This book is inspired by the Native American culture and the character Koko is drawn from the mythical being Kokopelli. Kokopelli was a flute playing humpback, his hump said to carry the seeds of the world, and a symbol of fertility, music and joy. 


Local childrens author and flautist Renee Cashman also writes a song for each book, which is printed in the picture book and heard on the audio book. The audio book is narrated by Cherokee Medicine Man Bobby Runningfox. 


Local illustrator Jaye Harris has painted colourful images that tell a story of their own and also carry many symbologies. 

#2 Koko and the Magical Flute - Planting Seeds of Kindness

  •  mid-October 2023. 

  • This price includes postage 

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